My Story

Rekha founded Scoot Capital in 2020 with a goal of helping investors achieve financial success through real estate investing following over two decades of experience in large corporate settings and entrepreneurship.

In 2015, she started passive investments in several opportunities. Subsequently, she began to acquire, manage and transfer income producing, cash flow positive assets. Further, she expanded into property syndication by creating institutional-quality real estate opportunities for investors.

She also has extensive experience in international business from her endeavors in Europe and North America. After building an import business in Europe and trading in commodities, she emigrated to America and worked in various financial institutions including Bank of America where she was an operations executive.

She leveraged these experiences to acquire, grow and eventually sell a retail boutique business while simultaneously managing a real estate portfolio. Through these experiences, she identified real estate as being a key to achieving financial success; this culminated in the creation of Scoot Capital.